August 7, 2014

NOW BOOKING: 2015 Seniors!

This summer, as usual, has flown by!  Back to School is just around the corner, and for many it is the beginning of the end (of high school!)!  Kick your Senior year off right with the GMP Senior Portrait Experience.  Be creative, be bold, be adventurous, be pampered, be sweet, be fun - be you!  Contact GMP today to book your Senior Portrait Session! 

Rock your Senior Year.
Rock your Senior Photos.

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February 13, 2014

Easy Tips For Choosing Outfits For Family Photos

As you start to go through your closets picking out the perfect outfits for your upcoming family session, you realize you fall into one of two categories:

1 - You (and your family) have fashion down pat.  Whether you are a fashionista and are hip to the latest styles, or you like to set your own trends and your outfits perfectly represent you, you've got the whole clothing options taken care of.


2 - When it comes to picking great outfits for your family that at least look decent together, You. Have. No. Idea.

If you are lucky #1, then you can just go ahead and read this article about awesome outdoor family session locations instead.  :-)  But if you're more like #2 (or, anywhere kind of in between...), then read on, friend!

Okay, so, each session is different and should reflect your family's style.  If you're not quite sure what your family's "style" is - that's okay!  Here are some tips to help you choose outfits that are simple, timeless, and just plain look good together.

1. Family outfits should be coordinated, but not matchy-matchy.
Think in terms of complimentary colors and color families and avoid wearing all the same color or outfit.  You might think your family looks cute all in jeans and brown shirts, but really, it's not.  Hate to break it to ya.  Don't be afraid to mix it up a bit!  :-)  Some of my favorite color combinations are yellows and greys, purples and oranges, and peacock colors.

What to Wear for family photos - find colors that compliment and aren't matchy-matchy
The LaRue Family took the colors in their son's shirt (oranges, purples, mint green) and pulled outfits together that coordinated perfectly.  (Okay, we all know by now that Lindsay definitely falls into the first category of people!  She definitely has a well-defined fashion sense!)

2. Make photos more interesting with layers and textures and yes, even patterns.
Besides complimentary colors, accessories can easily add interest to your photos.  Scarves, jewelry, hats, suspenders, cardigans, boots, etc. can all give a creative and unique splash to your photos.  That bright blue dress your daughter is wearing?  Tie in your grey dress with a bright blue scarf!  And I'm sure you've heard it a million times - Say No To Patterns.  But I'm here to tell you that's not true!  A dress with a bold pattern, or a button down shirt with checks or stripes can work really well.  Just make sure not EVERYONE is wearing patterns.  Mix them with more subtle solids to create great texture in your photos.

What to Wear for family portraits - layers, textures, and patters make photos fun and interesting
The Harder Family totally rocked their outfits in their family session.  This is a great example of combining a few bolder patterns and textures with some more simple pieces to create a well-balanced but interesting look.  Fall and winter are especially great for this because there are so many fun options - from boots to scarves to cable knit sweaters.

3. Pick an accent piece and build off of that.
Not really sure where to start?  Pick one outfit or piece that really catches your attention and focus on that for inspiration.  Take your son's plaid shirt and pull color combinations from it, or tie in a pattern from your favorite blouse.  When your inspiration all comes from the same source, your outfits will look cohesive and you will win Mom of the Year!  Easy as that!

Choosing outfits for your family pictures - pick one or two statement pieces and build off of that
For outfit inspiration, The Berra Family started with Ellen's bold dress, with it's modern pattern and color scheme.  Pulling the red and blue for mom and dad, and adding a complimentary plaid shirt for Thomas, made for a nice, well put together outfit collection.

These tips are a good place to start for when you're not sure what to wear for your family session.  Don't worry if you are totally clueless about fashion, though.  We are more than happy to help you coordinate outfits.  Feel free to send us pictures of options, or if convenient, we'd be psyched to go through your closet with you!

For more family outfit inspiration, check out our Pinterest page!  We have lots of suggestions and visuals there to help guide you through your family's closets!

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February 5, 2014

Top Outdoor Locations for Natural Family Portraits in St. Louis

St. Louis is full of fabulous locations to serve as backdrops for your family portraits.  In fact, there are probably too many choices!  Many times, after booking a date for family photos, the next question is, "okay, so where should we go??"  Picking the perfect spot can be a bit overwhelming.  But never fear!  While there are tons of places to choose from, here are four of my favorite locations throughout the St. Louis area for your family portrait session.

Tower Grove Park
Not gonna lie - Tower Grove Park is my favorite place for family sessions.  Okay, maybe because it's about a 5-7 minute walk from my house... but still, besides it's great location, it has a LOT to offer!  While I do have my favorite "spots" in the park, it is big enough and unique enough to never get boring.  From it's pretty gardens, towering trees, stone bridges, and colorful pavilions, TGP's great textures and architecture throughout make it the perfect place for your outdoor family portraits!

Family of four looks stunning in the open fields and among the tall trees in Tower Grove Park.
Abby's family looks stunning in the open fields and among the tall trees.  And perfect for kiddos to run around in the great outdoors!

The dazzling sunlight in Tower Grove Park captured in this Senior Portrait Session makes for a top location for Family Portraits.
TGP is filled dazzling sunlight, which we totally captured in Lane's gorgeous Senior portraits!  I just love how the light glows in her photos.

Little blond boy sits on a stone bridge in Tower Grove Park, best location for outdoor family photos.
The LaRue family would be adorable in any setting, and this neighborhood park was perfect for their two cute little boys!  The stone bridges made perfect tracks for their trains!

Lafayette Square
Lafayette Square is great because it is easy access to two different worlds - colorful, funky urban and soft, natural park.  Perfect for families that want both looks!

Lafayette Square Park is probably my second favorite park for photo sessions.  Like Tower Grove, it is a beautiful park that isn't super busy.  Over the summer you may run into a wedding or two, or a festival, but general foot traffic isn't too bad.  The sidewalks surrounding the park are gorgeous, outlined by wrought iron fences and a luscious canopy of trees.

Just off the park is Lafayette Square, full of colors and textures to make your family portraits pop.  The main streets are great and have a nice trendy urban feel to them, but my favorite places to sneak off to are the alleys behind all the beautiful buildings.  This is where you really get fun, unique backdrops.  From brightly colored walls to brick everything, Lafayette Square is the perfect location for a family looking for something a little more fun and unique.

The hip sidewalks of Lafayette Square make for a great location for family portaits.
See the hip sidewalks of Lafayette Square and a taste of the park in Christine & Fu's engagement photos.  Lots of color and lush greenery!

The fun, funky, and urban alleys of Lafayette Square are great for family photos.
Maddy's Senior session rocks the funky alleys of Lafayette Square!  Awesome urban textures for your family outdoor session!

Laumeier Sculpture Park
Laumeier Sculpture Park is my favorite place in St. Louis, so of course I love bringing families there to photograph!  It's variety of scenery provides great options for portraits.  The open fields are a great place to have a family picnic session or to run around and play.  Venture into the wooded paths to find more hidden gems and structures for your family to climb and play on.  Let art inspire your art at Laumeier Sculpture Park.

Beautiful light and wide open fields at Laumeier Sculpture Park are perfect for family portraits.
Beautiful light and wide open fields are perfect for family portraits, as seen in the Schwartz family's session!  Not to mention, art all around!

Röbller Vineyard 
Röbller Vineyard is located in the quaint town of New Haven, Missouri.  The winery, owned by my family, sits atop a hill surrounded by acres and acres of vineyards and beautiful country landscape.  It. is. gorgeous.  Lush vegetation in the spring, and awe-inspiring colorful foliage in the fall.  You'd be hard pressed to find a more beautiful location for your family photos.  And hey, it's a winery!  Bonus!

Röbller Vineyard's brilliant sunsets out in the country create perfect backdrops for family photo sessions.The Mueller family was drenched in the brilliant sunset out in the country for their family session.  Seriously awe-inspiring sunlight in the evening!

Rolling hills and country setting of New Haven, MO make it a top location for family portraits.
The rolling hills of New Haven made a perfect backdrop for the Harder family's photos.  For sure one of the best hidden outdoor family portrait spots!

Also!  Here's a video from our Senior Model group photo shoot in New Haven!  A cute little downtown area as well as a good view of the various spots at the winery!

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February 2, 2014

2014 Family Session "Hurry Up Spring" Special

Is it spring yet??  Don't get my wrong.  I love love love winter!  But sometimes I'd like to trade in my heavy winter coat for a pair of flip flops and a light jacket.  And the long winter nights can sometimes get me a little down.  So, we're kicking the winter blahs with a "Hurry Up Spring!" Special!

Book your 2014 Family Photo Session by February 15th and get a $50 print credit!

Before you know it, the birds will be chirping, flowers will be blooming, and your kiddos will be finishing up the school year.  (Where does the time go??)  We all know that spring can get busy with lots of things to juggle.

So why not take the time now and book your next Family Photo Session while you're thinking about it.

Heck, you don't even have to have it in spring.  Why not get a head start on your Christmas cards this year and book a Fall Family Session?  Either way, all families that book a session by February 15th get a $50 credit towards their print order.   Sweet!

Spring Family Photography in St. Louis, Missouri

Sessions must be booked and paid in full by February 15th. Photo Session date must take place by December 31st, 2014.  Limit of 2 sessions booked per family with this special.  Click here for Family Session information.

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January 22, 2014

Best of 2013 - Families

2013 was a great year, and I met a lot of wonderful families!  :-)  Looking back over the year inspired me to do a "Best Of" post to highlight some of the sessions and photos I fell in love with.  It wasn't easy to do, but I picked 10 of my favorite photos from my favorite family portrait sessions of 2013.

Go ahead - scroll down.  Look at all those good lookin' folks!  :-)  So much love and happiness.  <3  I have the best job!

Then I thought to myself, hey, I can't just pick some of my faves and just let them sit there on the internets.  I want to show them off!  So let's make this a little more fun.  :-)  

I've narrowed it down to 10 fabulous family photos, but I need YOU to help me narrow it down to just ONE.  Why?  Because first of all, I am totally biased and I love every family that plays in front of my camera and there is no way I could pick just one.  But secondly, and most importantly, I want to give one of these awesome families an 11x14 canvas, and I need you to help me decide which one!

So here are the rules:
  • Look through all the photos and pick the one that stands out to you most.  Whether it's the cutest, funniest, most emotional, whatever it is that makes you say "LOVE!"
  • You'll see each photo has a number above it.  Remember that number.
  • Write a comment here on this post with the number of the photo you love, and WHY you love it.  :-)
  • Tell all your friends!

That's it!  You have until 11:59pm CST on January 31st to make your pick.  The photo with the most people who pick it (not the most comments/votes - you can only comment once!) will be the lucky family who gets an 11x14 canvas of their choice!

Alrighty... here we go!  1, 2, 3, vote!

1.  The sweet Hummel family
Best of 2013 Families - Real family photography in St. Louis, Missouri

2.  These two colorful LaRue brothers
Two young brothers on brightly colored blanket - Best of 2013 St. Louis Family Portraits

3.  The hip Berra family
Family of four with two teens in Tower Grove Park - Best of 2013 Family Photos

4.  This one of many from the Harder's s'more session
Young family with two boys sit around a fire pit making s'mores in the country - Best of 2013 Families, St. Louis Missouri

5.  These pretty blue eyes from her family's hot chocolate session
Young girl with blue eyes and purple headband smiles big - Best of 2013 Family Portraits in Fenton, MO

6.  The love between mother and son from Abby's session
Love between a mother and son in Tower Grove Park - Best of 2013 Family Portraits

7.  Bennett's love of hot chocolate from his family's session
Little boy sips on hot chocolate with whipped cream while the sun sets behind him in the country - Best of 2013 Families, St. Louis MO

8.  This pure joy from the Kesselring's session
Happy mother and young daughter cuddling in a park laughing - Best of 2013 Family Portraits in St. Louis

9.  These spunky girls under the Arch
Mom and 3 year old daughter with curly hair smile under the Arch - Best of 2013 Family Photos

10.  The Schwartz family in Laumeier Sculpture Park
Family of 4 with teens sit in Laumeier Sculpture Park - Best of 2013 Family Portraits in St. Louis, MO

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